A Few Resons Why New York SUCKS

"It is an inconvenience, being located in a city where taxes are ludicrously high, where you pay twice your annual income to rent an apartment that could easily be carried on a commercial airline flight, where you spend two-thirds of your work day trying to get to and from work......."

"If for some reason you are unsure where to go, all you have to do is stand there looking lost, and within seconds a helpful New Yorker will approach to see if you have any 'spare' change."

"At 3:14 A.M. I am awakened by a loud crashing sound, caused by workers from the city's crack Department of Making Loud Crashing Sounds during the night, who are just outside my window, breaking in a new taxicab by dropping it repeatedly from a 75-foot crane."

From Dave Barry's Greatest Hits

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